Travel Destinations for Naughty Females and Young Couples

Places and destinations for female tourists to be naughty or get pampered

We reveal destinations  where tourist can be legally complete naked in public place

About Us

Riding elephant wearing bikini in Thailand

Our Background

We have been catering to rich and wealthy female tourists from  African continent for long. We are now opening our international websitee to cater to all adult females from around the world.

Ostrich ride in vietnam

Our Services

Destinations around the world where you can solo female travel and be complete naked in public,  Play in large theme parks of Germany, Spain and Mexico wearing nothing.  Clothing optional resorts in Europe and South America as big as a village where you can spend even a month in birthday suits. hundreds of Nude beaches which are several kilometers long where tourist can do almost any activity without clothes. Places where you can get pampered like a baby in open. Then there are places where you can ride an Ostrich like in Vietnam, Ride an elephant wearing bikini in Thailand,  Locally organized water buffalo ride for tourists in Vietnam villages.. Ride on a horse wearing bikini or without in the Caribbean.

Our Ideal Clients

Our Ideal clients are females looking for destinations that legally allow some activity and adventure that may be embarrassing in their own country or may be against the culture or morality in their own country.

travel destinations for females

People from any country may contact us for free Travel information on destinations for :

Many of you may have heard of popular nude resorts like the Hedonism 2 in Jamaica or the Desire resort in Mexico that allow guests to be nude or have fun they wish. But we can provide you information on many resorts with similar facilities that may be even cheaper but less publicised.

1) Best places for single females to travel

2) Best places for honeymoon in the world

3) Most romantic places for newly married couples

4) Best place to be naked in open place and locations that legally allow it

5) Beaches that are formally declared as clothing optional by the local governments and hence our female tourists can know that it is their fundamental right to be  without panties or bikini on these beaches.

6) Clothing optional resorts as big as a town were females and couples can be without wearing anything exposing even the g area for the entire period of stay.  Many resorts have vast open area like gardens, pools, Gym, beaches , rivers, or small islands. These are places where female tourists can not only remain without clothes but also get pampered by fully clothed staff who will serve food, provide towels and any other pampering required. They are too large, safe and well organized.

7) Theme rides, animal rides  and water parks where female tourists can run and play around like a kid , some places we mention allow total nudity and remaining  may just require a tiny two piece bikini.

Clothing Laws and Culture differ from country to country and this is the fun of international tour

When You are a tourist in another country, you are bound by the laws and morality of that country and not your own country. Hence the old saying " Law Of The Land "

examples of difference in laws and morality of countries

Riding Donkeys or small animals

The  measurement of animal rights differ from country to country. While an over sized woman sitting on a very small animal may be crime or at least immoral in US or Canada, the same woman go to Greece ,Egypt or some Islamic countries in North Africa and ride shamelessly on small donkeys with their legs touching ground making it climb steep stairs with them on top. Its perfectly legal and popular in these countries. Oversized people riding small donkeys is not illegal in many North African countries. and most of them are Islamic nations.  But Riding a horse in just panties can be immoral in many of these countries. But in most developed countries of the world ladies can freely  ride a horse wearing just panties or  in some places even riding nude is fine.

Wearing Tiny shorts

People from Islamic nations or even moderately  liberal countries like India may think that this lady is wearing an underwear. But most of you who have been to American or European continents or even some east Asian countries like Singapore would have seen that ladies commonly wear such shorts everywhere and its acceptable in these countries.

Couples keeping domestic maids

The image may look odd to people in US and Europe.  But rich  and even middle class couples keeping a poor domestic maid to do personal chores, while they enjoy life, is common  and society accepted in most Asian and African countries. In many countries young couples and newly weds used to keep even ten year old girls as maids for obvious reasons. And until recently even society  shamelessly accepted such things, though keeping a child maid was illegal.  However a young  newly married couple keeping an adult maid is still socially and legally acceptable  and very common in most Asian and African countries.  A young healthy housewife in these countries can boldly and proudly say she  is keeping maid to do their private domestic chores because they want to enjoy life.  And this is very much common in majority countries of these continents.  

Solo female travel ideas

Unlimited activities and locations for solo female travel.


  1. Being in birthday suit in clothing optional beaches and resorts.
  2. Animal rides like horse, camel, donkey, ostrich and elephant.
  3. Spa resorts to get pampered like a baby
  4. City tours across the world
  5. Wildlife safaris in multiple continents
  6. Religious pilgrimage where you can be pure and in contrast with all the above.

Enjoy The Culture and Morality Of The Destination You Visit. Enjoy The Difference. Because Neither They Are Wrong, Nor You Are Wrong. But Culture And Morality Differs Between Countries And Continents. Opposing Their Culture And Their Morality In Their Land, Can Put You Into Trouble. But Enjoying Their Culture Can Give You Pleasure