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Indian honeymoon in Thailand

We have been catering to rich and wealthy female tourists from  African continent for long. We have been providing them with the list of most sexy honeymoon destinations, most sexy honeymoon places and best single travel destinations from around the world. We are now opening our Indian website to cater to fIndian Honeymoon couples and females tourists. We provide them the details of the providers of most romantic honeymoon packages and the best destinations. Our website also mentions the direct booking link for most clothing optional resorts and parks.

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Indian Honeymoon

Most tempting honeymoon places around the world where you can be complete naked in public,  Play in large theme parks of Germany, Spain and Mexico wearing nothing.  Clothing optional resorts in Europe and South America as big as a village where you can spend even a month in birthday suits. hundreds of Nude beaches which are several kilometers long where tourist can do almost any activity without clothes. Places where you can get pampered like a baby in open. Then there are places where you can ride an Ostrich like in Vietnam, Ride an elephant wearing bikini in Thailand,  Locally organized water buffalo ride for tourists in Vietnam villages.. Ride on a horse wearing bikini or without in the Caribbean. Best honeymoon places in India which may not be as free as others mentioned but still liberal to many activities like doubles horse riding or even being in bikini.We provide you the list of most sexy honeymoon destinations and most tempting honeymoon packages.

Our Ideal Clients

Indian Honeymoon in Goa

Our Ideal clients are females and young honeymoon couples and newly married or dating couples looking for destinations that legally allow some activity and adventure that may be embarrassing in their own country or may be against the culture or morality in their own country. We provide list of most sexy honeymoon destinations that look directly from a dream world with things that you can do, that are un thinkable even in dreams in your own country due to the culture and morality restrictions. We provide you with list of destinations that have a clear difference in laws and morality from your own country. Some things that you wish to do in public can be embarrassing in your country. But may be a very welcome thing in another country. We do the arbitrage for finding legal and suitable destination for anything. So just email us with your request.

travel destinations for females

Indian honeymoon in beach

People from any country may contact us for free Travel information on destinations for :

Many of you may have heard of popular nude resorts like the Hedonism 2 in Jamaica or the Desire resort in Mexico that allow guests to be nude or have fun they wish. But we can provide you information on many resorts with similar facilities that may be even cheaper but less publicised.

1) Best places for single females to travel

2) Best places for honeymoon in the world

3 ) Honeymoon packages specially planned 

4) Beaches that are formally declared as clothing optional by the local governments and hence tourists can know that it is their fundamental right to be  without panties or bikini on these beaches.

5) Clothing optional resorts as big as a town were females and couples can be without wearing anything exposing even the g area for the entire period of stay.  Many resorts have vast open area like gardens, pools, Gym, beaches , rivers, or small islands. These are places where female tourists can not only remain without clothes but also get pampered by fully clothed staff who will serve food, provide towels and any other pampering required. They are too large, safe and well organized.

 6) Theme rides, animal rides  and water parks where female tourists and couples can run and play around like a kid , some theme rides and animal rides we mention allow total nudity and remaining  may just require a tiny two piece bikini.

Clothing Laws and Culture differ from country to country and this is the fun of international tour

When You are a tourist in another country, you are bound by the laws and morality of that country and not your own country. Hence the old saying " Law Of The Land "

First time travellers can experience a foreign land which has different culture and morality laws.

  • We will provide you full details about contrasting cultures and laws in different countries. 
  • There are countries where you can walk, shop, ride, swim or dance without wearing even your underwear.
  •  There are countries where you can legally keep a servant with very low cost to do all your work. And  even making love in their presence is not considered bad either by them or by the society.
  • There are countries and resorts where you can get pampered like infant babies. There are countries where women wear smaller clothes than men and there are countries where men wear smaller clothes than women. 
  • There are countries where you can be jailed for spitting in public place, and there are also countries where you can do any natures call in public place without being questioned. 
  • There are countries where putting hands on the shoulder of your own spouse in public place can be a crime, and there are also countries where, all the activity that a couple would do in a closed bedroom can be done in a public place and will be viewed nicely as pure healthy love. 
  • There are countries where eating beef can be a crime and there are countries where beef is the stable food. 

In short the laws that deal with dressing and morality are laws that differ between each country. And  sometimes the difference is such that it may be directly opposite. When you are in another country, you are bound by the laws of that country. And the old saying is Law of the Land. Our trips and destinations are for experiencing the contrasting difference in culture between your country and the other foreign land that you can visit. Some things that are embarrassing or against morality in your own country, may be very much welcome and legal in another country. This knowledge of extreme difference in culture may be knew to people of freshersworld and that is why we call it freshers world travel destinations.

examples of difference in laws and morality of countries

Riding Donkeys or small animals

Girl riding a donkey in India

The  measurement of animal rights differ from country to country. While an over sized woman sitting on a very small animal may be crime or at least immoral in US or Canada, the same woman go to Greece ,Egypt or some Islamic countries in North Africa and ride shamelessly on small donkeys with their legs touching ground making it climb steep stairs with them on top. Its perfectly legal and popular in these countries. Oversized people riding small donkeys is not illegal in many North African countries. and most of them are Islamic nations.  But Riding a horse in just panties can be immoral in many of these countries. But in most developed countries of the world ladies can freely  ride a horse wearing just panties or  in some places even riding nude is fine.

Wearing Tiny shorts

Indian honeymoon girl dress

People from Islamic nations or even moderately  liberal countries like India may think that this lady is wearing an underwear. But most of you who have been to American or European continents or even some east Asian countries like Singapore would have seen that ladies commonly wear such shorts everywhere and its acceptable in these countries.

Couples keeping domestic maids

Indian honeymoon Couple having romance in front of servant

The image may look odd to people in US and Europe.  But rich  and even middle class couples keeping a poor domestic maid to do personal chores, while they enjoy life, is common  and society accepted in most Asian and African countries. In many countries young couples and newly weds used to keep even ten year old girls as maids for obvious reasons. And until recently even society  shamelessly accepted such things, though keeping a child maid was illegal.  However a young  newly married couple keeping an adult maid is still socially and legally acceptable  and very common in most Asian and African countries.  A young healthy housewife in these countries can boldly and proudly say she  is keeping maid to do their private domestic chores because they want to enjoy life.  And this is very much common in majority countries of these continents.  

Brazilian waxing by opposite gender

Indian lady doing  waxing

Brazilian waxing by opposite gender is very fine and normal even in countries like United States. This may be something that is a taboo in India even today, but It is very much acceptable in many countries for a male to wax a females inner area or vice versa, in short a complete body waxing by the opposite gender is acceptable and normal in US.

Having PDA with partner in public place

Indian honeymoon couple romance

Having pda with your partner or spouse in open public places is fine in many countries of the world. This is not limited to a particular continent and is acceptable in most non Islamic  countries with a varying degree of freedom. Believe it, there are countries where you can do it all in public place and still people will only view it as a natural biological act.

Beach Dressess differ in contrasting ways

Indian girl on honeymoon in Goa

There are countries where woman need to enter the beach fully clothed or covering even their entire hands and legs. There are also countries where woman can be totally open on all the beaches. displaying the entire top and bottom areas. The contrast may look unbelievable to some people. But it is true that some countries do not require even bikini on its beaches.

Its not Over

Some cultures need change

Many of you might have heard or read about servants being abused in some Arab countries or North Africa.. In many of these countries a migrant domestic maid from another poor country simply treated like a slave.  The  problem here is that it is also accepted in their societies and the news of abuse that you read on websites is not even a small fraction of what takes place. In many of these countries, there is virtually nothing that a migrant maid may not be asked to do. Many maids even sweep the floor with their madam sitting on them to supervise. Many of these servants do not reveal about what work they had to do, or how they were treated, because they feel ashamed and at the same time their madam will not have any embarrassement because it is accepted in those societies.These are clearly some cultures, which we do not support and would request you to avoid.

Some bad culture results in exploitation

If you think the entire world lives a civilized life like in Europe and America, then you are wrong. There are several countries that allow exploitation of foreign migrant domestic maids. Most of these countries are located in northern part of Africa and some in the Arab world. Unlike a commercial office or hotel, nobody interferes in the privacy of homes and hence this exploitation continues. It is clearly the bad culture that allows this. Because depending on country, people keep maid for cleaning their underclothes, vessels, house, bathrooms and even bottoms. Some even needs to carry them inside their own large house. In some of these countries there is absolutely no rule on what work a maid can be asked to do and they are not interested because these exploited maids belong to other poor nations..

Solo female travel ideas

Unlimited activities and locations for solo female travel.


  1. Being in birthday suit in clothing optional beaches and resorts.
  2. Animal rides like horse, camel, donkey, ostrich and elephant.
  3. Spa resorts to get pampered like a baby
  4. City tours across the world
  5. Wildlife safaris in multiple continents
  6. Religious pilgrimage where you can be pure and in contrast with all the above.
  7. We do not provide any guide service, but just a hint of countries where single girls can get best travel guide service is given below.

Travel guides for single females

Guides in Caribiean

Indian honeymoon bikini girl on horse

In many Caribbean countries,guide will accompany you from your hotel and you can go anywhere wearing just a bikini. In the Caribbean guides are very professional and they are used to seeing hundreds and thousands of tourists. The professionalism blended with the very liberal and relaxed culture in the Caribbean countries make them the best guides for a single female or a honeymoon couple. There are few other places in the world, where a honeymoon couple can keep a guide and at the same time do all activities without any inhibition.  As the dressing culture and acceptance to pda is very relaxed in most Caribbean countries, a guide will just consider it as casual even if the tourist removes her underclothing before him.

Travel guides in Mongolia

In Mongolia you can get guides for trekking in the forest or hills. In Mongolia most tourists will have a language barrier. The culture of the people who were once mostly nomadic tribes, are totally different. The dressing cannot be called reserved, but is also not that liberal like in the European nations. Trekking is one of the best adventures you can have in Mongolia. The beautiful grasslands and mountains are best for either a horse ride or just manual trekking. Always chose a guide who is interested in taking you for trekking.  Even though the dressing is not that liberal, the culture is quite different and so many things that you may feel odd in your own country, may be fine here.

Travel guides in Sudan

Many ancient monuments in Sudan does not have a lift, but getting a  travel guide is very cheap. In Sudan there are lot of wildlife adventures and safaris to be done. So choose a guide who will be interested in taking you for wildlife safaris and desert tours. The place and country may not be as safe as some developed world. This country is still an underdeveloped one and it is always better to keep a physical security and guide from a reputed local agency. The people and economy are very poor and except for your hotel stay, most things here are very cheap. The amount that a person will have to pay a guide for an entire week will be less than what they would pay for a day to get a similar  guide in another country. 

Enjoy The Culture and Morality Of The Destination You Visit. Enjoy The Difference. Because Neither They Are Wrong, Nor You Are Wrong. But Culture And Morality Differs Between Countries And Continents. Opposing Their Culture And Their Morality In Their Land, Can Put You Into Trouble. But Enjoying Their Culture Can Give You Pleasure.



Get the thrill  and enjoy, you may call it by any name or phrase. We explain tourists the difference in culture between countries and suggest them tour a country that has opposite culture than their own country.