Indian girl wearing bikini on beach

The lady in this picture is called Decently clothed in European and Caribbean beaches


The lady in this picture is called decently clothed in Europe and Caribbean beaches. Because you do not need even that in many of these places.

The nudist village in France

 Cape d’ Agde is a village in one of the most developed countries of the world. This is a village in France and the best part about it is that the entire village allows nudity. tourist can see people going to supermarkets and post office virtually wearing nothing. Being a developed country tourist have no difficulty in getting high standard accommodation. But while being nude also remember that this is a very advanced society and be proper on touristr hygiene and behaviour.The Naturist Village is a town by itself, with a 2 km  beach, a large marina, 2,500 campsites, apartment complexes, hotel, shops, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, post office, bank and ATMs, launderettes, hairdressers and other facilities. This  may be the only village or town in a developed country where one can potentially spend an entire vacation without leaving the area, or wearing clothes. This place may look like fiction for people from many countries. A very developed city like place with all infrastructure and almost all people walking around completely naked. The place is open for all men, women, children etc. Men who cannot control themselves or may get aroused on seeing not just hundreds but thousands of naked girls should better keep off, because here nudity is allowed for all, but not lewd behaviour. .The Naturist Village has rules requiring nudity as the norm, it bans photography,. Signs on the beach in 2008 warned against lewd behaviour. There are clubs and smaller venues including shops and bars. The nightlife centres on clubs and venues.tourist can find out more about this village on google;; but keep watching us . We will bring you details about more places around the world where people and tourist do not need to wear clothes. These are places where we can be naked in public place legally.  

This is the best place for honeymoon couples from India to be without wearing a piece of cloth in an entire town. Here you and your spouse can go around just anywhere like the supermarket, post office, ATM, Restaurant, or even to the government office without wearing an underwear. There are no taboos here to walk around shaking your entirely open front portion. Be confident, almost the entire people including the regular residents in this town do their normal business without wearing anything.

The clothing optional country in Europe.

 Spain as tourist know is a country which has no laws preventing nudity. This is among the countries where clothes are not required and countries where we can be naked. A person can simply walk into a supermarket wearing nothing. Men and women or even tourists can go out shopping perfectly naked.  And there are people who do it. But it is not that everybody in Spain is a nudist. They wear clothes just like in any other cities of the world. But the difference is that the attitude towards nudity is liberal. So if a female tourist goes out without wearing anything, she will definitely be stared at by public; even though being naked anywhere in the country is not a crime and occasionally bold men and women do it. But  it is not uncommon to see female tourists who  wear a micro skirt without an underwear exposing bottoms while they casually sit or innocently bend to lift something from the lowest shelf in a supermarket. So this model of wearing a tiny skirt without undies is a good option for those who wish to enjoy the freedom allowed in this country and at the same time not being always stared at. This is because people are indifferent to an occasional exposure of your bottoms. There are also water parks that allow bare it all.  So this is among the best places for honeymoon or clothing optional honeymoon.We will provide more details about it later. 

Clothing optional Denmark

 Denmark is a country which allows nudity in all of its beaches and it’s perfectly legal to be naked on the beaches in Denmark.If any beach does not accept nudity, it will be expressly mentioned with a board.. So by default you can be nude on any beach in this country. The Bellevue beach in Klampenborg shows you a very large and young beautiful nude crowd of men and women that will rival any other beach in the world. The laws regarding clothing and fun are very liberal in denmark. Even though this country is among the most prosperous country in the world, ladies and female tourists can walk around the city wearing skimpiest clothes, and even exposing of your beautiful bums while shopping in the city will be considered decent enough, provided the crack in between is covered. This country is also a place where female tourists can walk around on streets wearing a tiny skirt without anything underneath. It’s cool when  it occasionally flies up when in open location  and gives you fresh air inside,  or just be discreet  if it becomes a barely something when you sit in a restaurant or elsewhere. When the law and culture of a country allows you to enjoy something different without hurting others, just go ahead and enjoy.. Denmark has around seven thousand kilometers of coastline and with low population, many beaches are almost empty and couples can just run around playing naked and have any extracurricular entertainment without an issue. The people of this country are very relaxed and even accept sex as a natural biological requirement. Even children from school age are never taught to be ashamed of their bodies either in school or at home. In this country tourist can see mother, father, son and daughter walking together nude on some beaches.   

Naked Vacation in the caribbean


Coming to the caribbean countries in  south American continent they are very very liberal not just to clothes even their attitude to sex is also more liberal. The caribbean nations are several separate and independent smaller countries with each having its own law.The caribbean countries which are several small countries in south america has been the popular and the most popular honeymoon destination for rich people from around the world. The reason is that the culture is very liberal to nakedness and public display of affection. Female tourists can be seen riding horses wearing mostly just bikini and  some wear so tiny that when they sit with spread legs on the animal it exposes all their  buttocks and  frontal portion while the local man walks beside as a guide and sometimes catch the string of the horse. 

Today the countries have some of the biggest resorts in the world providing all the fun that is required. But the tourism here is more resort based and organized and most locals work in tourism industry. .So their acceptance to pda is much more than resort staff or street vendors in rest of the world. Most resorts arrange a local youth as guide, the guide will not be an employee of the resort but are verified, registered and bound by the rules of that resort. The guide will wait at the reception neatly dressed in shirt and pants; but not uniform, and you can come out of your hotel room wearing just a bikini  and in resorts where nudity is permitted, even that may not be required. The guides are decent in their behaviour and polite they are used to seeing hundreds and of female tourists. You can handover to the guide  any money you wish to keep for snacks or shopping in the beach area or market area. This is because only food in the resort area is  free and you may not be able to keep cash in your bikini. For those who wish to ride on horse in the long beaches, even that may be provided by some resorts from the premises itself. It is common to see female tourists relax on the beach while their guide sits a little far. The guides will never touch a female tourist without being requested to assist, that may be either to climb a horse or a casual hand support while getting up from beach. They are discreet to what a female tourist or couple does. Respect the guide the same way as he respects you. But removing your bikini before him is fine and just exposing a bare body is never considered offending by any caribbean guide. .There are beaches and hill resorts that allow everything that is unbelievable to people from other parts of the world. . These are  very modern and developed places with all infrastructure where you can spend even a month long vacation perfectly naked. 

The most visible thing you can see in the nudist beaches and resorts of caribbean is a white female or an Indian honeymoon couple naked and displaying PDA to a poor black caribbean youth, the youth in turn goes to any extend to make them happy. Some caribbean countries have laws that do not allow total nudity in public places. But tourism is the major source of revenue and any act done by tourists so long as it does not harm somebody else is generally ignored. Even in these countries tourist can be seen completely naked on beaches and couples can be seen doing all  activities. But those who see it are either other tourists or the local beach vendors and neither of them will complain. While americans have been used to this place for decades, now most of these locations are also  flooded with Indian IT professionals.who come from neighbouring USA.

If female tourists can ride wearing bikini on an elephant in Thailand, in the caribbean you can ride a horse on some beaches and other areas even without your bikini.. In Jamaica for example there are many resorts where instead of walking out of your resort to see the beautiful scenery or for going to the beach outside, you will be provided a horse and horse man. You only need to wear a bikini in all these places including for riding a horse. There are more bigger resorts in some other places of carribean that even allow you to go for sightseeing without even wearing a piece of cloth from the resort itself. We will bring you very specifics about these places; but for now those who are interested may book on other sites.  Another category of naked tourist you see here is from the ultra conservative  countries. Most of the caribbean countries have only tourism as an industry and hence are very liberal towards tourists. There are also several resorts that offer non pure nudity or in short you can do everything un imaginable . Many resorts where you can stay , roam and play without clothes for weeks may be bigger than an average village . In these very very large can be completely naked for the entire period of your stay, and be without clothes in your room, out of your room, in the gym, in the restaurant, in the pool, in the garden, and many many more. The staff will be neatly dressed and they will serve you food, towel or any service that is normally given to guests in a five star hotel, but the difference is that the waiter will discretely serve you food while you sit or lay naked with legs spread out, the majority guests will be without a piece of cloth so you will not be alone here.                                                                                                                                                              MEXICO is another large country in the American continent that is liberal to clothing.   Female tourists  can innocently expose  bare bums or  even the bare frontal portion wearing a tiny dress without undies.. Because there is no specific law that requires clothing and the society is not against.  Mexico has officially designated several beaches  where people can be without clothes or bare bodied. . In regular beaches which are not officially declared as clothing optional, it is advisable for foreign female tourists to  wear at least string to cover the cracks in between genitals and buttocks. It does not matter if your tiny thongs go a little bit left or right exposing all your private parts while walking or lying on the beach. This is only a formality and the country has general acceptability to bare body.

There are many tribes that are nude even today. And some of them can be visited by tourists.


Poturujara or Zoe tribe: in Amazon.

This is a location in the great amazon forest. It is so popular that you get a lot of youtube videos and writings about this tribe. The women of this tribe are very beautiful and rounded. A tribe that is safe to mingle and also accustomed to tourists. Unlike the tribes that you see in other parts of the world, this tribe has very fleshy and good looking people. But they also have strict rules. Being in nude is welcome and you can see that most of them do not wear anything. While you will notice that sex is a bit free between these people, do not be under the misunderstanding that they will welcome you for such things. You  are welcomed by these people to stay with them and also enjoy their culture, songs, dance and food along the thick amazon forest. They have a very rich culture and co games and dances. But most tourists do not get naked here due to too much publicity of the place and people  Due to strict regulation the government has permitted only a few local south american travel agencies to operate tours into these tribal communities.This tribe has off late got too much publicity and many of you may have noticed it in youtube videos. The more the publicity it gets the more the rules that are framed by governments. So we will not suggest this place.

Thong Bikini in Brazil Beach

Ladies wearing small bikini in Goa beach

A thong bikini barely covering the private area is just what is required on ordinary family beaches in Brazil. This is the most popular type of bikini ladies wear in the beaches of Brazil. This bikini with just a sting between the butt is allowed and common in family beaches of many countries around the world.

Shopping on Streets in Mexico

Girls shopping wearing tiny dress

On the beach side streets of Mexico, female tourists can be seen shopping just wearing the bare minimum. But if you go to the neighboring Caribbean countries a bikini is just what you need in any public place.

If not Clothing optional Beach then atleast these

Bikini that girls can wear on Goa beach

What is the smallest size of a Bikini that a woman can wear in a regular family Beach?  Even total female buttock exposure on family beaches is fine in most parts of the world except Islamic nations and South Asia. So  Something like the above even with full open bums will be sufficient or minimum required size for ladies to wear in non nudist beaches of liberal countries.

An open air shower in a Forest lodge

hotels with open air bathrooms


Many forest lodges have lot of open area for each guest room,showers, bathtubs and even toilets are sometimes placed in open area of the guest rooms so that guests can feel part of nature. The open closets have a small side partition so that they are not in the direct visibility of the neighboring rooms, however this is not for those who want full privacy. Because any staff or guest who walk on the back side of the lodges  get a full view.

Icecream served to a guest in a mexican nude resort

Hotel waiter serving food to a girl in bikini


In clothing optional resorts like hedonism or any other, its is a lifetime experience for female tourists to proudly lay bare open while a fully dressed waiter serves you food or beverage. It is just normal here, and done by all so no embarrassments are required. One can see a similar environment even in family friendly clothing optional resorts. The stay iis all inclusive and food and snacks are served to guests in time even without ordering.

A Massage in Clothing Optional resort

Girl getting massage in India


In most clothing optional resorts, a massage session per day is free and can be taken at any open location you wish. Guest can choose the gender of the massage person. In most european or american spas the massages are done generally by the opposite gender and it is generally society accepted. But in clothing optional resorts its done in open natural environment, as there is no privacy requirement when  all the guests are  bare.

Walk in Spain

India's best honeymoon destination

If it was Spain you could walk like this even if others are clothed. But even though the law does not require clothing, it is only very rare to see people walk in all bare except on the beaches.

Clothing optional Trek

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Clothing optional treks are available in many parts of the world. To know more contact us.

Wild life Safaris in Natural

Most romantic honeymoon destination in India

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Let the Hotel Servant Dress you Up

Servant dressing up madam

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