Best Resorts and clothing optional resorts for honeymoon

Chan Resort Pattaya, Thailand

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 Chan Resort has been around for quite some time. It used to be called the “Chan Twin Resort” some years ago but the owner mr Chan (and his wife Mrs Wanpen) decided to sell and build a more intimate naturist resort. It has since then flourished with the pleasure of offering great service and hospitality. You may not need to wear even your panties for the entire vacation spend here. Check directly with the resort on this link


Desire Resort & Spa

Nude resorts and hotels in Goa

 Desire Resort & Spa is an all-inclusive, couples-only, clothing-optional resort that attracts a range of guests, from older married couples to young nudists to swingers. The resort has an explicit, frisky atmosphere as sex is allowed in many public spaces in this Resort. The best place for honeymoon in India may allow being in bikini, but here you can do everything without it and in full public view.You do not need to wear even your panties for the entire vacation spend here and can run around naked in the very vast beautiful open areas of the resort. This is among the best nude resorts. Check directly with the resort on this link

Desire Pearl Maya

Nude resorts and hotels in Goa

 Like its sister property, this is also a couples-only, clothing-optional, all-inclusive resort on a beautiful  beach.right outside quiet Puerto Morelos. It draws a range of young and middle-aged couples (strictly heterosexual) looking for some adult fun in the sun. It is racy, but somewhat quieter and younger. This is among the best resorts for honeymoon.This is a very vast another resort owned by the same desire group at a different location

Hedonism 2 Jamaica

Malaysian girl in hotel room

 Designed for adventurous couples who want to add a bit of spice to their vacation, the all-inclusive Resort is a popular mid-range nudist resort tucked into a quiet, private section of Negril’s Seven Mile Beach. With a wide variety of activities and entertainment, this adults-only resort encourages guests to explore their wild side and indulge themselves. There are both “prude” and “nude” sections of the resort to accommodate different comfort levels, and property highlights include that the beach outside is clothing optional, a water slide theme park where you can be nude, This is clearly our most suggested place because of its size, theme parks, very long beach and you can run around nude and have all the fun you wish. There are almost no taboos here  check and confirm in this link

Couples Tower Isles, Jamaica

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 One of the island’s first resorts and a former playground for 1950s Hollywood A-listers, this 226-room, 19-acre, all-inclusive Resort is still a sophisticated option. Public areas are chic and modern, but the rooms fall a bit short by comparison. The resort’s island in front, a small rocky refuge about a one-minute boat ride away from the mainland, has a pool, a beach, and a swim-up bar -- but guests must be willing to bare it all to experience it.

Temptation Resort Spa, Cancum

Nude resorts and hotels in Goa

 This Resort is an adults-only, topless-optional property that caters to 21 and over, uninhibited guests.  Here you should read between the lines.There is never a dull moment at this all-inclusive resort, which features themed swimming pools and nightly risqué live shows. The color scheme throughout the resort is soothing white and passionate red, and the 384 spacious rooms, exude a romantic atmosphere. 

The Natural, Curacao

Nude resorts and hotels in Goa

 The Roy Hobbs of clothing-optional resorts, The Natural is the only resort of its kind in the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao) and knocks the lights out by accepting pretty much anyone old enough to drive (in the U.S., at least): couples, singles, nudists, clothists (we just made that up) — they’re all welcome. The resort’s located in the hills above the beaches and you’ll enjoy gorgeous views of the ocean whilst soaking in the sun (sans clothes) at the pool. 

The Euronat naturist resort in France

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 The Euronat naturist resort in France sits on the Atlantic coast, nestled in the middle of a 335 hectare pine forest, with direct access to the naturist beach. It’s situated in Grayan-et-l'Hôpital, in the Gironde department in the south west of France and the nudity doesn’t just stop at the beach.The resort itself is a like a little village where naturism is a way of life: from the accommodation to the swimming pools. Picture going on a bicycle ride down the forest trails visit

The CHM Monta naturist resort

Nude resorts and hotels in Goa

 The CHM Monta naturist resort sits along the Atlantic Ocean, in Vendays-Montalivet, also in the Gironde department. It's around 80 kilometres from Bordeaux, and has a nudist beach two kilometres long.It has a good selection of amenities on site, including restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets and even a hairdressers. Sports is also a big feature at the CHM. There are a number of football fields, tennis courts, basketball courts and handball court.. Visit 

La Jenny naturist resort in France

Nude resorts and hotels in Goa

 La Jenny naturist resort in France also sits on the Atlantic coast. As for the resort, it features  four adjacent pools of varying sizes, and a  golf course where you can play golf in nude. It has an entertainment team which prepares shows and spectacles for kids and adults alike.  This place is ideal for those want to experience nudity in a family like atmosphere. Check with them

Tahiti Beach hotel

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 Tahiti Beach is a hotel on a “clothing optional” beach called Pampelonne, five kilometres south of St. Tropez on the Mediterranean coast. This is not a very large resort like some mentioned here. But here too you can spend all the days of your stay completely naked and the beach outside is also a nude beach. Therfore you will just need to walk naked from your hotel to it

Desert Sun Resort California

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 Desert Sun Resort offers a retreat of comfortable elegance, unmatched service and hospitality, a chance to relax and unwind, be clothes free, and ultimately refresh in style like no other Palm Springs spa resort. The above statement is as per their own website, But being a resort in California, we can trust it even though we have not independently verified.

SunEden Family Nudist Resort South africa

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 The club  house features a well-stocked bar. Play pool and darts, or watch DSTV on the big screen. The restaurant serves light meals during the day and early evening.There is a convenience store with supplies of almost anything a visitor might need. They have over 100 species of birds, numerous kinds of trees and flowers, cosy cottages with regular entertainment in the Boma. Contact them directly 

Twin Falls Naturist Retreat Australia

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 If you've ever wanted to try the nudist lifestyle, we have the place for you. Most of our guests describe their Nude experience at Twin Falls in one word - "Freedom" and once you have walked naked as nature intended in a rainforest - you'll know why! Twin Falls has been the Aussie Naturist destination for nearly 20years. Know more

Naturist Angel Club Greece

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This is family hotel, with high respect to the freedom of expression and the true contact with nature. and is located in a crossroad near the old town of Rhodes, the valley of butterflies, ancient Kamiros and the unique naturist Faliraki beach.   Contact them directly 

Terra Cotta Inn Palm Springs

Nude resorts and hotels in Goa

 The 17-room budget is one of the clothing optional resorts or nude resorts and is an adults-only, clothing-optional resort and spa where the major activity is sunbathing. Note that the hotel only accepts honeymoon couples and accompanying female friends, no single men. The property was built in 1960 and has retained a retro vibe. Rooms are very spacious and beautifully  coloured.. check their website to know more

Couples Sans Souci, Jamaica

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 This 35-acre, 148-room all-inclusive, adults-only, couples-only resort has a lush natural setting filled with waterfalls, grottos, beaches, lakes and jungles. The place has the features of a megaresort -- three restaurants, four pools, two beaches, four bars, a spa, and tons of free activities -- but it's one of the few large-scale resorts that manages to feel crowd-free and even intimate. One of its beaches is a nude beach from morning until evening and has a swimming pool that goes right up to the sand -- something that would have been a lovely addition to the main beach. Still, guests are warned that this “au naturel” beach is not simply “clothing optional” but rather prohibits clothing altogether.

Hidden Beach resort Riviera Mexico

Nude resorts and hotels in Goa

  They’re not lying when they say the beach is hidden; because it sits at the edge of a mangrove jungle, and walls help protect guests’ privacy. Which is a good thing, because you’re expected to be be naked the whole time. Sanitation is maintained by perpetual towel service and public displays of “affection” are — like those clothes — strictly forbidden. There’s also an awesome lazy river  This is a very vast resort and you can be nude  and will also be provided fresh towels  when you want to sit anywhere like in restaurant. The towels are not for wearing but placing on the seat for your bare bottoms to sit on.

Open Hotel Door Without Worry

It is natural for newly wed couples and single female guests in hotel rooms to be naked. When the door bell rings, they run in to wear clothes or they will have to wear clothes even when they have ordered food and expects the waiter to deliver the food in room. Sometimes the couple or lady just peeps through the door and then decide not to open it to avoid the headache of wearing clothes. But when you stay in a clothing optional hotel, you can open the door first  without worrying about dressing up.

List Of Nude Resorts In Asia

We would suggest Female tourists and couples to safely opt for the above mentioned nude resorts or any other clothing optional resort in  liberal countries like those in Europe and American continent. This will ensure you can bare it all with full confidence and knowledge that you will be well taken care of..We have avoided putting sensual or exposed pictures from the above resorts. Those who are willing to have indepth idea about the ambience and freedom may search images on google mentioning the resort names given above. Some of the resorts mentioned above are family resorts but there are also some with a very unrestricted environment which are suitable only for couples.

Nude Resorts in Thailand

Nude Beach In Thailand

Thailand is the most popular tourist destination in Asia and among the best ranked in the world. There are nude resorts in Thailand and we have mentioned two above. But there are many more that are un officially clothing optional and hence we are not mentioning the same here. Thailand has law which requires clothing, so do not compare it with Denmark, Mexico or Spain. Even though its beaches are beautiful, the rush you see in Thailand is because it is surrounded by nations which are more reserved and is more affordable . But We would not suggest Indian ladies to go to a nude resort in Thailand, because you are likely to bump into too many of your country men. So prefer some resort in Europe.

faq on clothing optional or Nude resorts

Best clothing optional resorts for females to visit

We suggest you to Contact these Resorts Directly for updated Rules.

  Are all people in a clothing optional resort always nude?

No, The staff of the hotel will be neatly dressed. However the guests prefer to be without clothes either every where or wherever permitted. The reason is they have spent the money for this.

Do couples make love in open place while in clothing optional resort?

Yes, But it depends on the rules of the resorts. Some resorts allow that in all their outdoor premises without any restrictions. But some family clothing optional resorts have allowed it only in specific areas or pools.

Are there any rules on how we should behave while in a clothing optional resort?

There are no standard rules. It varies according to resorts. While in family clothing optional resorts you are allowed to be nude in front of own children or even others children, but it is pure form of nudity and lewd behavior will not be acceptable in family resorts. However in couples only clothing optional resorts where children are not allowed, there is generally a free environment and rules are very relaxed. There are also some clothing optional resorts that allow all hot activities anywhere in the open premises.

Is it ok to be nude before hotel staff while ordering food in a clothing optional resort?

Yes, It is perfectly fine in most clothing optional resorts to be without any clothes and exposing your entire  frontal portions while the staff serves you food in a clothing optional resort. The staff is normally professional and will be discreet. However some resorts require a towel being placed on the seat for hygiene purpose. 

What if a man stares at me while in clothing optional resort?

While there may be rules for not staring,  A mature lady in clothing optional resort is expected to understand the biology of God's creations . So just ignore it as long as he does not harm or disturb you.  This is because law does not favor anybody, and if you got to court to complain that a man stared at you while you stood naked before him , it makes no sense. Woman guest in a clothing optional resort can get into mood without others expressly being aware of it, but for men in a clothing optional environment it is difficult to be without clothes and simultaneously hide their mood.  Also note that just plain staring may be acceptable in areas of clothing optional resorts where hot activity is permitted in open places. So it always advisable to be polite and just ignore anything such thing so long as you are not directly disturbed. Always remember that in large clothing optional resorts like those we mentioned above, you are well protected and safe. 

Is it ok to be totally cloth less inside our room in clothing optional resort  or make love with my partner while the staff comes to clean or serve food?

Yes,  Being cloth less in a clothing optional resort is fine. But as far as rules regarding pda is concerned, it may differ depending on the type of clothing optional resort that you have chosen. There are resorts where all such activity is acceptable.  And in normal cases a staff in a clothing optional resort will not complain that a naked couple was having pda before them while they went to the room. But obey the rules of the resort, so please go through their website in detail or call them  for specific rules. 

Is the Gym in a clothing optional resort accessible without clothes?

Yes, In many clothing optional resorts, the gym, and even play equipment's like monkey bars and swings in the park can be accessed or enjoyed without wearing anything. As we have mentioned above, in many large resorts that are clothing optional all the facilities and premises can be accessed and enjoyed without your panties  and without any inhibition on how you sit or how wide you put your legs. As far as pure playing around like a kid or exercise is concerned, the rules are almost the same in family nudist resorts too. However in couples only resorts, there are little more things that are allowed.

Is there any nude or clothing optional resort in India?

No the law in India does not permit this. However there are several nude resorts in some other Asian countries for those looking out.

Is there any nude or clothing optional resort in Africa?

Yes, there are several clothing optional resorts in Africa. There are also forest lodges and safaris that allow being nude. There was also a nude horse ride safari in  some places in Africa. Organized formal clothing optional resorts and beaches are only  in South Africa. But it is not uncommon to find tourists clothless and complete open in several other places of Africa. The reason is that the forest lodges are deep inside and on several beaches there is no strict law enforcement. So in many places the tourist remove their bikinis and nobody objects because the foreign exchange money they bring in is more important than them wearing the bikini. And in case a couple or female tourist staying in a forest lodge wants to be taken for a wildlife safari in nude, they simply request the staff and gets it without any additional payments. But we donot suggest such places as no rule can also be negative.

Are there nude or clothing optional resorts in Europe?

Yes, Almost every country in Europe has clothing optional resorts.  Europe also has the maximum number of nude beaches and clothing optional areas. 

Are there any nude or clothing optional resorts in Thailand?

Yes, Thailand has clothing optional resorts and we have mentioned a few above on this page. Thailand beaches are mostly crowded with tourists from big neighboring countries like India and China. 

Resorts With Private Servant

Resorts with personal Butler service

There are clothing optional resorts that even provide you with a personal butler or servant.