Indian Honeymoon Ideas and Indian Honeymoon Stories

Monalisa (Desire Clothing optional Resort)

best Indian honeymoon hotel

  I had been along with my spouse to desire resort in mexico as suggested by Female trip dot com. This is a world you will not believe exists. You can see couples without a piece of cloth doing all extra curricular activities and the only people you find wearing clothes are the waiters and staff. I could see neatly dressed waiters standing with food before couples who are naked and busy with activities that are normally done in closed bed rooms. It is so pleasant and free that me and my husband could have any fun on the bed and if the bedsheet gets dirty, just ring the bell without being ashamed and ask the staff to change the bedsheet for us. On the first day in the resort, me and my partner was a little shy and in fact it was he who was more shy to be totally bare, as he was afraid that his instruments would stand up. But after the first day even he was convinced that even if his instruments stand up in this resort in front of other people, there is very little to be shy as this was the case with many men around. And of course, this is a couples only resort and it is not just people sitting idle in birthday suits. They do all the extracurricular activities in full view of others. In short, there are no taboos here for any biological act. The staff is very friendly and cooperative, it is like everybody knows for what you came and they will allow you to enjoy fully for the money's worth. Here you will need to be polite while requesting the staff for towel or to clean up some waste; But there is absolutely no need to shy, in letting them know that you have done some biological act with your spouse or want a towel or some other sanitary material to help you do the same. This hotel was as clean and had all or facilities of a five star resort and with the added advantage of the free environment. There may be more hotels in the world like this, but I still feel it is the most sexy resort for honeymoon couples. I would suggest people to seek the advice and information from Female Trip dot com for booking any nude resort.  They have the list of the most sexy honeymoon destination. 

Melanie (Caribbean has best nude beaches for single females )

Indian honeymoon girl in carribean beach

 Female tip Dot Com had suggested me about a place in caribbean. These are places that are not available on the internet since they are too underdeveloped or less popular. The beach they suggested to me had only two category of people, one is tourists like me who have come to enjoy the fun of being nude on the beach and the others are  local horsemen and beach vendors who are all around to pamper tourists and get make some money. Trust me ! if you did not keep money while on beach just because you did not wear anything, don't worry. These people will ask your hotel name and tell them what time to collect the money. They will provide us the service or anything we purchase on beach. The surprise was there were lot of Indian honeymoon couples in the location. I am sure that given the population of India, if the income level improves, then this will become the biggest Indian honeymoon destination in the world..I would suggest Female trip dot com for you to find the best nude beaches or the best clothing optional beaches.

Sanuthi Bandaranaike (Me in Nude beach Brazil)

Indian honeymoon story

 Being a Sri Lankan woman, I was keen on having a visit to a nude beach. I had asked Pinky trip dot com for suggesting a clothing optional beach outside asia or europe so that i will not have to see my own country men in that place. They suggested me Praia do Abricó in Brazil.  It was an excellent place and overall Brazil is a country that has almost similar climate as Srilanka and the body colour of people too are similar except for  the culture. The hotel I stayed was not clothing optional, but allows going out through reception in bikini and wearing a bikini even on streets and shopping areas around the beaches in Brazil seemed very normal. I decided to carry my handbag to the beach because it was my first visit and may be i need to spend money on some entertainment activity. After entering the beach, I noticed that it was not an empty one but fairly crowded with both people wearing their swimming dress and also those without or bare bodied. After walking left and right across the beach, i decided to sit in a slightly vacant place a little far from the entrance rush area. I untied the strings off my two piece bikini and slowly placed them in my hand bag. I was not afraid as by this time i had seen at least twenty females in birthday suit on this beach and knew it is allowed. A few minutes later a young male fruit vendor carrying different fruits in a basket came to me and asked me if i need it. I was naturally feeling a little tensed as this man was fully clothed and i am sitting bare bodied. He understood I am not a Brazilian and can definitely convince me to buy some fruits. He placed the basket beside me to see the fruits and  sat in front of me. I was bothered about passerby people seeing this; but most of them walked indifferent as it is normal on even in asian beaches for a fruit seller or beach vendor trying to sell a product to a clothless tourist..I then started exploring the fruits in the basket one by one taking my own time. I kept him there for nearly an hour peeling and cutting papaya and some other fruits which I have not seen before. Yes International tour is definitely enjoyable as we do not need to be embarrassed. 

Dambudzo K ( My experience in a spa resort)

Indian honeymoon girl in spa resort

 I am pleased that female trip dot com lists and informs you on several small non popular destinations which give you an unbelievably pleasant experience. Most of these are not available even on net. I had asked for a SPA Resort Stay for 3 Days. They suggested me a female only spa resort in Thailand where female tourists are pampered by five therapists for the whole day time.While reaching the SPA Resort I came to know that it has mostly young male staff but the guests are only females or only female clients are allowed. This is a very professional resort and spa. But here each guest like me is simultaneously attended to by five therapists for whole day and all days we reside there. It’s a combination of four male and one female therapist. The spa is a vast open area in the resort with roof covered high like in an airport. I was invited out of my bed room in the morning by a female therapists, and she first took care of undressing me and then dressing me neatly with just two small towels for top and bottom portion. Then I was taken to my allotted bed. Each bed is at least hundred feet apart and there is a bathtub and shower in open space for each bed space. The toilet rooms are at one corner and common for all clients. Here the four male therapists greeted me with folded hands in their traditional style and I too responded..After lying on the bed my towels were unwinded by the female therapist and placed in a particular position over my body so that my modesty is covered. She then began pampering my head  and the other four male therapists working on each of my four limbs till one half of my body from either side..I was covered with many freshly made ayurvedic cream and fruit paste. While I was asked to turn around for the other side of my body, there was a few seconds when I was entirely exposed, but by then I was feeling like a baby being pampered by many and never felt ashamed. The female staff once again properly folded and placed the towel to cover my modesty. After the first sesion that lasts around two hours is over I had to sit or walk with all the cream and oil on my body for two hours till the nutrients are absorbed in my body through skin.. My bed was converted into a seating position and a food menu was shown to me. I ordered a few items and a juice. Another female who brought the food for me surprised me again by not allowing me to catch the items with my oiled hands. She fed me the food with a fork and spoon like a mother feeds a two year old.. After this session I was given a bath by my female therapist alone, in the tub followed by a shower. And allowed to swim in the common pool beside. By this time most of will feel like a baby and rarely does any guest wear clothes or bikini while in that pool. This was again followed by a similar session with another set of ingredients followed by a lunch.. If you are looking for a spa resort for females where you can get pampered like baby by several staff, then just ask these people for advice. There were few couples in this resort and most of them looked like Indian honeymoon people on some package tour. Thailand seems to be a major destination for Indian honeymoon.

Stephinne (Forest lodge and safari)

 I had gone along with my husband to a forest lodge in Africa as advised by Female Trip. It included a wildlife trek in jeep daily almost exactly similar to the one we see in National geographic channel.. There is no restaurant in the lodge with just twelve large self sufficient rooms all with glass bedrooms with forest view..Each room has a private cook or butler wearing dark green uniform to cook food as per the  requirements of clients who come from different countries. While the wildlife safari is extremely professional. But inside our lodge was a free for all style as children are not allowed in this lodge. Our cook seeing us sit in a formal way, came and told us to enjoy without bothering of his presence. We come from an european country where getting somebody to cook or do our personal chores like a servant is itself odd, and cannot imagine undressing and doing erotic things while he cooks and serves us food. This place might have been more than value for money to many bold couples who may not say it here. I will suggest Female rip Destinations to inquire about the most romantic places for newly married couples. They will inform you about the most romantic places for honeymoon where you can do everything even in open place.

Eshe John (My first experience with clothing optional hotel)

 I am pleased to know that Pinkytrip is beginning online service. Being a Kenyan girl, Me and my other female friend casually contacted Pinkytrip while visiting Madagascar because we heard they specialize in advising destinations for females. They gave us a few destination options in Africa which we never knew exists.. But being africans, we preferred to go to Europe so that we can be a little more care free. They suggested us a cheap hotel in Greece which is extremely close to a beach. Believe me, it was not a grand costly resort but a small clean hotel which costs very much lesser than a resort..They told us we can walk directly into a long beautiful beach directly from this hotel wearing nothing. We understood we could go to the beach wearing bikini, but on arrival in the hotel we got a pleasant shock at the reception. While entering our details at the reception the manager politely gave us a pamphlet mentioning guests need not wear clothes in this hotel premises and this hotel had a door to the other side from the reception which directly lands on the beach. In short this was a place where we could spend our five day trip without wearing even the undies and there was no need for us to have carried the bikinis and clothes. Pinkytrip had advised us to carry only light dressing but we never knew we did not need anything. Maybe they were not sure because it’s a small budget hotel.We knew some large resorts allow such things, but never knew a small low cost hotel also welcomes people to be clothing free. The first day we were a little shy even though we knew the beach outside allows being bare. But in the hotel premises and reception seeing other guests in all open form we understood that we can just be free. The next day morning we ordered bed coffee in the room and decided to be totally open to test the experience of being clothless in front of one staff first, rather than directly going down to the reception gate in bare it all form. I sat without a piece of cloth exposing my frontal on the the single couch sofa resting my arms on the side and legs at least ninety degrees apart even though I was a bit nervous  My friend agreed to also be in bare it; but preferred to lay on the bed with eyes closed so that she looked asleep. The room service  boy who seemed like a part time migrant srilankan college student rang the bell. I asked him to come in with a shiver in my voice, knowing well that I am sitting exposing all that I have. He brought in his trolly placed it by my side as if everything is just normal, while all my hair was rising from skin with shiver, still me acting bold. This guy told me good morning and then took a cup and poured coffee from the mug and served me standing straight in front. This was my first and the biggest such experience in my life. But after that I have visited several destinations suggested by pinkytrip which is now pinky trip dot com.  I will suggest Pinky trip dot com to enquire about the best clothing optional resorts or the best nude resorts.

best Indian honeymoon destinations

How to choose the best honeymoon destination?

Indian honeymoon couple on bed

 Choose either a Hill station, a beach , a naturally scenic location or an organized resort. Based on how you want to enjoy. 

If you want to be cloth less in open area along with your spouse then opt for the resorts or beaches we mentioned on the pages with titles nude beaches or nude resorts.

If you want to just run around and have active fun like a teenager or kid then go to the page rides, and we have mentioned those places and activities. 

In case you want to just be in a scenic beautiful place and do all activity in your bedroom, then opt for a country like India, that has everything from beaches to hill station to rides.

If you want to do public display of affection with your spouse and at the same time be scantily clad, then these are acceptable in several European countries.

 If you want to ride a horse in doubles along with you hubby, or ride a camel in doubles along with your hubby, then there are several hill stations and organized  rides in India that allow the same. For horse rides prefer Mahabaleshwar, Ooty, and Himachal pradesh. For camel ride in doubles try the state of Rajasthan in India.

If you want to just get pampered together and be allowed to get into action as and when you wish, then choose a spa resort from our page Spa Resorts.

Honeymoon Stories by indian and bangladeshi girls

Gayatri T. Honeymoon in Africa

Indian aunty getting massage from servant

 Myself and my husband  was advised by Female trip dot com to book a wildlife safari and forest resort in Africa. We wondered as to why they wanted us to go for a forest resort for honeymoon. But trust me it was a trip of lifetime. We were given grand rooms that faced the forest and a private pool on the veranda where we could swim in nude. There was very personalized service with a very strong dark gun man for protection from any animal that may stray and a local maid who would clean and do all the pampering or massage that we may request. The food that we order will be brought by the restaurant staff who are common to all rooms in the lodge. . Here the structure and accessibility is such that each room and pool cannot be visible to the other tourists who stay in the same resort. But they are accessible to the staff. Wearing or not wearing clothes is entirely our wish me and my husband never wore anything while in the premise.The staff has no issue while bringing you food or the maid may stand beside us while we  lay bare and free and neither did we feel any shame because they look totally different from us and it is after all a different country for us.. But at least shorts and t shirts are required during the jeep safari to watch wild animals. The reason is that this country does not officially allow being bare' but the fact that the forest lodges are deep inside with no interaction with the society and regular people makes it a free for all destination. And many governments in Africa do not interfere in the pleasures that tourist have without disturbing the nature or the normal way of life in the society.

Rafia S.Honeymoon in Denmark

 I am a  Bangladeshi girl and being from an ultra conservative country, it was my greatest wish to have a visit to Europe. Even though my family was rich I was not allowed. But my husband fulfilled my wish for the honeymoon in a place that I could never dream of. A beach resort in netherlands with wide open glass walls to the beach. The area was clothing optional and so sparsely populated that there is very little chance that somebody else will see you even if we run around the beach. Like most Bangladeshi girls I have never worn or even seen a bikini in real.Even though my husband tried to convince me,  It took me two days to be bold enough to go without my panties and bra into the beach. And that too the first trial I did was only when it was late evening. But within a day I was bold enough and ran around the vast beach from early morning without a thread of cloth. But still I was shy to be naked in the hotel premises and was wondering how some ladies sit there in restaurant and pool side chairs without panties and legs wide open. They are so cool even when fully clothed staff and even dressed guests like me and my husband are in front. In short I learned clothing is not a necessity for people of Denmark. This is one of my honeymoon stories and will give you honeymoon ideas. Earlier I have only heard of Indian honeymoon stories from such liberal places are the best honeymoon destinations.

Suhasini K. My trip to Australia

Indian honeymoon girl in forest

 Me along with my husband from Mumbai had gone on a river trek trip in Australia. The tour was a long trek along the shallow river and each day we take rest in a new lodge on the river side which was booked by the local agency in advance. It was so nice to walk in the river and on the banks for two days wearing just our two piece bikini. the trek was clothing optional, so we could even walk without bikini if we had the guts.The lodges on the riverside arranges fresh towels for us as and when we reach and stay there. Here we undo our bikinis and get into towels. Being without bikini and towel is also permitted in these lodges; and bold Scandinavian females and couples  could be seen climbing and playing on monkey bars kept in the park area of the lodge without wearing anything even to cover a minimum and exposing all their frontal assets. We didn't feel shy to watch them because we knew even we had the freedom to do it, if we wished. The next morning the trek resumes and again we stop for food and rest at each pre booked lodge. It was simply merging the natural part within us to the real nature. The trip was not actually steamy and the atmosphere was more of a family type. But it was a pleasant experience for us since we come from a comparatively reserved country, the simple element of being without and playing like a kid was fun. In my whole life I have never been in such a free environment where I could get open  air in my entire vaginal area and buttock and still be cool and not even stared at. This is clearly the difference in culture between countries and the real fun in International tourism. I would suggest anybody looking for a sexy honeymoon trip to go to a country that has a very liberal culture.

Pooja Mishra. Romance in Cruise ship

 Myself and my husband had booked a cruise line from US coast for a 9 day honeymoon. The cost was high and initially we were hesitant, but after the trip began we knew it was the best way to enjoy a honeymoon. Our trip started from Florida. The ship was grand and very large. Once inside we forget we are in the water but just feel it as a seven star resort..I wore a knee length single piece dress and my husband was in his casual trousers and t shirt. Upto the entry point, things looked a little formal. But once inside, the atmosphere is entirely different. The  bedroom allotted to us had an excellent finish, with extremely soft bed and couch.The large balcony and window beside bed was facing the sea and I knew we could simply do anything in the bed or balcony without anybody else having a view of our privacy. Afterall honeymoon was not just for sight seeing, it was for doing too.

There was separate activities, themes and pools for all categories, Yes there are swimming pools,, dance areas, restaurants and even organized activities specially for couples who are looking for something aggressive and spiced. We did not hesitate to go in our birthday suit into the pool or even the swim up bar and restaurant. There was also competitions for adult themes like whose buttocks are the biggest or the best couple in birthday suit, the longest pendulums etc. We had the guts to do an entire session with me on top on the poolside lounger without worrying of people around watching. After all, that is allowed in this large marked area of the deck and also my guts came from the fact that nobody knows us here. The night dance was so lively and me and my husband danced shaking every part of the body we could. It was just licence to do anything provided you don’t harm others. On one night we drank more than we could handle, but in the morning, we found ourselves safely on the bed in our cabin. This shows it is very safe and can be the most sexy honeymoon location for those who are willing to shell out the extra money.

Kumarakom, by Dimple Tiwari

Indian couple massage in Keala

 Had been to a health resort in Kumarakom in Kerala along with my husband. This was not a place we chose for our honeymoon, but it was a second trip after honeymoon. For those who think health resorts are only for medical treatment, I will just detail my experience. The staff in the resort was a mixture of both male and female in almost near equal proportion. Many of them looked qualified in ayurveda, nursing or physiotherapy and there was an ayurvedic doctor too.. But this is a resort in every sense.We could tell what we are looking for without any hesitation and the treatments for us will be specifically for the purpose. But in case we have no special requests, they will follow the standard procedure. It is natural for young couples like us to have the requirement of beauty or sexual health. There was no need to hesitate in telling this as the doctor himself understands on seeing our age and will suggest the best ayurvedic therapies that suit us. The food in the resort is pure vegetarian and the stay was in a naturally green environment with our room facing backwaters. Complete undressing is allowed only our bedroom. But during treatment we were mostly bare except for a small cloth to cover modesty, which occasionally moved off. During the entire period of stay our body was slightly oily due to the treatments. But believe me the mood and energy we get from the treatment in a health resort is more than worth the money. This could have been a top Indian honeymoon destination; but for the senior citizens and single guest who were also present. 

Madhuri Kaniappa. Honeymoon in Fiji

Indian girl in bikni in Goa


I can’t avoid telling about an interesting incident during our honeymoon,in Fiji, which would have been very embarrassing had it been in my country. We had booked and stayed in a five star beach side hotel in Fiji. The place was beautiful and we enjoyed every moment of our stay. Just as any newly married couple will be mostly without their clothing inside closed hotel room and especially during honeymoon. We too were mostly in birthday suits so that we saved on laundry and also that looked little bit more spicy.. But one afternoon after we had lunch and returned from the restaurant to our room, we slept for some time on the bed. It was around 2 PM and just around  4PM we woke up and had some exercise on our bed, yess the same exercise that newly married couples do on bed. My husband said he wanted coffee and I got up and first went to the bathroom for fresh up before wearing clothes. At this moment my husband sat on the single chair waiting for me to come out as he too thought of wearing his shorts only after going to toilet. But meanwhile he happened to lift the phone and order coffee, expecting it to take at least ten minutes to come. I was not aware of this and after I came out, seeing him sit bare on the chair, I felt a little romantic and sat crossed leg on his lap facing him. At just this moment the room service guy came with his tray inside. Since the hotel doors are electronic keys, there was no need for him to knock and us to open. I just closed my eyes and laid my face on my husband’s shoulders. The guy kept the coffee, and asked my husband , if we wanted any snacks and then left the room.

I knew he had view of my entire buttocks in the full possible way; But thank God it was not in my country. There are many excellent and romantic Indian honeymoon places; but luckily we had chosen one abroad

Some More unverified travel stories

Swarnalata (Carried by porters on shoulder while Naked)

 This is a  location in Africa which I am not naming. Here tourist get to see several resorts with all accessing a common 50 thousand acres of natural secured  forest. All resorts arrange  a free cab service to at least one of the around 8 multiple points from where established agencies provide tourist trekking service. The peculiarity of this service is that the forest hiking or trekking is actually tourist being carried manually by other human poters on their back or shoulders. The people of this locations are among the poorest in the world: But due to their diet which include raw meat and even blood they are quiet healthy, and unlike the poor people tourist see in Asia.

The entrance to this location is possible only through the 2 gates on the eastern side  which are managed by separate agencies   The moment tourist are dropped at the entrance point of any agency, tourist will be invited by their customer service representative who will take tourist inside and explain tourist of the packages available. All packages are for a human porter carrying tourist,and all packages are for full day, and all the packages are compulsory nude. but the difference is in the distance and the location inside the forest area which are differently themed. There are couples packages, single ladies package, single gents package and group package.

tourist are given a locker with number lock inside the agency office where tourist can put all valuable belongings and of course clothes too. Even undies are not allowed for the tour and tourist need to be fully naked.. Then tourist are taken to the door at the other side of the agency office facing the forest and here tourist find lined up porters for ride. But don’t be for a shock, they are not. ponies but human beings who are employed to carry tourist and they are  free men and women who do the service, and tourist are going to sit nude on them with butt flowing in air. Normally people are seated on the shoulders, and this is comfortable for the tourist since they will not have any strain on their hands or legs. Even then tourist will find many western female tourists preferring to sit in piggy ride than shoulder ride. Sitting in piggy ride style can put weight strain on one’s own hands, because the person sitting will need to catch around the porters shoulders to balance. Female tourists who sit in piggy ride style also unknowingly seduces the male tourists with their wide open bums hanging around the back of the generally lean porter.The porters are mostly dressed in Khaki shorts and a soft cotton apron covering up to the upper neck from behind with a very large kangaroo style pocket in front. The pocket is for carrying a spare apron, a water bottle and a packet of dried fruits and nuts for tourist to have to have on the way. They also carry two walking sticks to balance and support. tourist have the option of choosing touristr porter and tourist need to handover tourist prepaid ticket to the person tourist chose to sit on. .Recently an option of  donkey ride in addition to the existing human porters have been introduced. But the donkey ride is only for  people above 80 KG or 190 lb.Tourists below 80 kg weight can only opt for  human porter carrying them. Couples who wish to sit together can opt to pay additional for a single donkey, in addition to two porters. But they too should begin their journey sitting naked on seperate human porters, and hence the cost is only higher for asking a donkey in addition to two porters.

The tours are for whole day and the food points and toilets are available only at the theme location tourist have chosen inside the forest. This point with different themes which differs for singles, couples and families has to be opted at the beginning of the ride and cannot be changed. As each direction and distance inside the large reserve forest is different. Some themes are almost ten kilometers inside. However those who have chosen longer distance ride location need not worry. The porter who carries tourist also carries a small bag of snacks and a bottled water. Avoid going to latrine in the open but passing urine in the open forest while tourist are being carried and before tourist reach the theme location is not an issue. Be natural, polite and during this ride, tourist are here to enjoy the and the porters are aware of it, so do not be shy and just politely ask them to drop tourist down and change their apron.towel in case tourist have dirtied it. They do keep a spare and they and the agency are aware of these things, because the trip is itself planned to give visitors maximum pleasure.. The trip is perfectly safe and all the porters are tribals and very well built and healthy. .But preferably leave touristr valuables in tourist hotel room or resort and not at the agency lockers at the forest entrance.

We are not elaborating about the magnificent themes that are available for adults and couples at the destinations of this trek. The themes are too hot to be mentioned here. The point from riding naked on the porters back itself can be very arousing. One can see healthy and plum white female tourists looking for the thinnest male porter to handover the prepaid ticket and there are few female porters who are kept for carrying the women tourist who come from the rich conservative middle east countries. They come as couples only and even when nude they can be distinctly identified by their huge buttocks and the fact that they chose only female porter to carry females., In case tourist are a male riding on a porter's back, the view in front of tourist of a wide open large bums of a female hugging on the back of a porter will itself make the other  tourist active..Preferably wear dark glasses so that you need not have direct eye contact with other tourists.The route and these views are common to all until a point where each rider takes a different direction. After the routes have taken different direction, those tourists who wish to be carried in different positions can request the porter, but carrying tourist in any position other than shoulder ride or piggy back ride is his discretion. Normally they oblige unless tourist are too heavy to be carried in other positions. For families with children the family themed location is a water ride, pool and lot of games including an animal park where visitors can interact with animals. Remember that while the trekking entry points or the so called agency gates are general for all, the theme destinations of the trek initially go on same route from each gate, but final themes are different for adults and families with kids. While it is mentioned as families and kids, tourist will definitely not find any kid and it is only the slightly reserved segment of married couples who take this option.

(Nalini ) I felt like princess at Naked tribal village in Central Africa

 I was guided to a tribal village in central africa that  is a grassland with hot dry weather. Yes this may be the reason the 20 thousand or so people in this village do not wear anything. And as a tourist, tourist too need not wear anything. The people are dark in colour with almost no hair or a small braid like hair on the head. The village is situated in a difficult to reach destination with almost no infrastructure. But tourist can reach the place by jeeps from the town 120 kilometers away.  The jeep passess through the grasslands without roads. The village is safe and encourages tourists, But the journey to the village is and this tourism is managed by a DON at one end and a Warlord at the other end. The date for tourist return journey must also be booked in advance with the same agency so that they arrange the transport. Mobiles and vehicles are not available in this part of the world however satellite phones will work..The trips are managed by a don from the town and a warlord as the tribal chief. But tourist need not worry and they treat tourists very well as they do proper business for tourist money . The amount they tell tourist at the beginning of the trip will be same and they do not cheat on this.

Once tourist have reached, the jeep driver will introduce tourist to chief in the tribe. The entire property of this self sufficient large village belongs to the chief. Tourists make him rich so he along with his multiple beautiful  wives will welcome tourist. But do not be for a shock, while they stand naked before tourist and these people are jet black in colour . Before the driver goes, tourist will be shown tourist allocated hutment with neat bed sheets and a chair, but nothing else.  tourist are the guest of the village chief and he officially allocates a elderly couple servants to care for all tourist needs and a healthy healthy male to protect and carry tourist around the vast village area as per our wish. The elderly servant couple is responsible for giving tourist food in time and taking care of our toilet needs. This provision is same whether tourist are a single female, male or couple. Single males are normally not welcome. The driver who brought tourist will translate and explain all this. Until this time tourist may keep wearing  clothes just as the driver is, and if tourist are not satisfied with the location go back with the driver to the town.But money will not be refunded. 

tourist are free to roam around anywhere in the large dispersed village. The village is spread around a vast area and there is a big distance between each hutments. The place and people are also absolutely clean. tourist need to be naked as the others.and this is not a choice but requirement. tourist need not be worried at the people and kids staring at tourist, they are not starting because tourist are nude like them; but because of the difference in touristr colour and hair. The people here are like a single family and safe and friendly.

The servants allotted will be always with tourist and the food for tourist comes from the chef's kitchen. The chief and his wives are normally carried around the vast village in a wooden chair by two people; and tourist can either walk around the village or will be carried by the tourist allotted to the tourist. Do not be ashamed if tourist find that tourist are the only adult who is being carried, this is because tourist are different and an official guest. Most caucasian white female tourists lose all their shame within an hour of reaching here. There is nothing to worry at villagers and kids staring at tourist, they too are naked and the stare is only because of touristr colour difference. Single female tourists will be treated like a kid by the villagers and tourist can freely play  local games and running around with the kids and teens wearing nothing.Do not keep touristr city thoughts that tourist cannot be nude before kids. Here it is the culture and they too are naked like tourist, so what if touristr  are bigger, being nude is their culture  and everybody here is naked.  The tourist, the kids and the chief’s wives are the only category who do not have to work. Most women  work in the farm and men go hunting  for small animals, honey and fruits. However these things are not basically required by them as the agriculture and farm animals are more than sufficient., the older people work on cleaning the village areas.. The hunters go in groups of around  15 in multiple directions every morning. 

The tourists can accompany the men in hunting and enjoy running around with them naked. Only during tourist hunting trip the elderly servant couple and the security to guard tourist will not be accompanying. The hunters in the group tourist accompany are responsible for tourists safety and all needs. Female tourists too can accompany. Females need not worry even if tourist are not able to run or walk too far, tourist can just show hand signal and ask for a lift and carry. Being shameless is what is required for enjoying this trip in full value for money. tourist can simply show signal to any hunter that tourist want to be carried and then sit on his back or shoulders, even male tourists can request to be carried while hunting. Remember tourist are the guest of the chief and nobody will dare to refuse touristr request. The second reason you do not need to be ashamed is that the culture in your home country and the culture here differs.The hunters mostly gather fruits, honey, small animals and eggs for food. if lucky tourist can also  spot a giraffe or rhino.. The Chief or his wife normally asks a particular hunter to carry the female tourist from the beginning of the hunting tour, so they need not walk even an inch. Just climb and sit on his back with  legs spread  to his stomach in front and  hands tightly catching his shoulders or head hair..Just don’t care about how much our naked bottoms and buttocks are wide open and exposed when tourist sit, no inhibitions are required and the wife of the chief or the chief himself who asked tourist to sit are very friendly and wants tourist to enjoy the trip. Hunting is among the most interesting things in this trip.Those who stay for multiple days can opt to go on different directions each day..Each hunting trip has something new to offer and tourist need not strain self at all. Male tourists too can ask the hunters to carry them when they are tired. While returning, tourist need not get down before the visibility limits of the village, just sit on them and get carried till were tourist wish to be dropped inside the village or until tourist are handed over to touristr allotted servant couple and security person..If tourist wish to enjoy multiple days stay here without any difficulty then always be shameless and without inhibitions  tourist are not the only one naked here but all the others too are, and tourist are the guest of the chief who owns everything here. So it is like right to demand.and make the people pamper tourist.

The people here bathe and keep themselves very clean and drinking water is obtained from a neighbouring clean lake.. The water is good and safe, but still if tourist wish tourist can insist touristr caretaker for boiling. The fruits and vegetables are generally eaten raw along with meat. There are also packet foods and dried fruits and bottled water kept by the agency only for tourists like tourist.. But these are very highly priced due to long transportation and the fact that they are imported from other countries .. The adults go for urinals and  toilets a mile away, there is exemption for the chief’s family and small children,including tourist. The hot sun will dry it all. tourist will be provided mud pot for urinal and  tourist can also do it anywhere including just outside in open mud. But for latrine tourist will be treated like the kids, a servant  will place a leaf of tree ficus lyrata which is a large leaf at any place tourist want  and tourist can do on that. They will take care of the cleaning. But tourist may have to clean own butt with another leaf that they provide on request or just childishly ask them to even offer tourist that service. Remember these are places where tourist can be shameless but be very polite while making any request.. Tourist has the right to get any service like this done by anybody they wish and not just the alloteted servants. Nobody has right to refuse any of our requests and even if tourist wish to physically sit and be carried by another tourist, other than the one officially allotted, it is touristr wish. Since tourist are an official guest of the chief, everybody in the village other than the chief’s family automatically become touristr servants. But the elderly servant couple and the security allotted to tourist are responsible for care, so they will always be beside tourist. Even wives of other men will not worry if a foreign tourist female is carried by their husband or is serving them. Because they know the tourist will go in a few days and these are services which are pure and non sexual in nature. The difference is that in one’s own urban cities tourist may find one man serving another man or women in formal ways, like services .in spa and it is totally acceptable in the society the tourist came from. But here those services are not done by opposite sex. But the basic service given to you like physical transportation looks raw.

Bathing is allowed only in a far away lake and the nearby one is kept for drinking water. Children go to play and bathe in the lake for long hours accompanied by a few adults, and tourist can also opt to go with them when they are in the village. But the tourist must behave decently like the other adults and parents accompanying, being childish is however accepted.. The very smaller children are generally carried on shoulder or back and sometime three to four children are carried by a single man or women. Here too tourists have the privilege of shamelessly being carried nude on the back of a man or women. They do not even need to ask this as the people themselves will ask tourist to sit as this is the norm. In case tourists are not willing to go to the lake for bathe, they can ask the chief or his wives by hand language and  they will arrange to get tourist bathed by a servant who will bring water from the neighbouring lake. They expect tourists to be childish and so be as childish as tourist can during tourist stay. tourist can make them do anything for tourist very publicly and demanding, but be polite and ask them in a childish way and enjoy openly so that they know tourist are enjoying the stay.

(Sowmya) Independent naked tribal Island near Philippines


It is an island 500 kilometers east of Philippines and can be accessed by boats  from Philippines. The independent island nation is home to around  four thousand people who are mainly aboriginals and look very similar to some other tribes in islands of asia which are also un touched by the modern world The difference is that the people here are not violent. Though they oppose any developmental work by outsiders, that can result in changing their custom or culture. The primary reason may be that they fear they may be conquered or captured and this reason too is very similar to the some other tribes in the neighbouring islands.Even British and Portuguese did not bother to conquer this island for the simple reason that there is nothing worth here.  But surprisingly this nudist tribe allows tourists to visit and stay in their island . The conditions are that tourist will leave the place with their boat within a maximum period of two sunrises. So expect a maximum stay of just three days here. And only one single guest or a couple is allowed per boat.

They have no developed ports and do not allow any such activity, so tourist will need to rent a small boat and travel five hundred kilometers to reach this destination. The boatman being a regular face will not be allowed into the land and will have to remain in the boat.Only a few boatmen who work with one agency are allowed here due to their face being familiar for years. The representatives of the tribe will come forward and take tourist into their territory. The first thing they do is to ask for gold.. The only currency they accept is gold and so be prepared to carry a few rings or coins. Here tourist need to buy their packaged service of showing the entire island by surrendering minimum 10 grams of gold. The tribal head will then allocate a 10.people to take care of tourist.and their spouse.and show tourist all the beautiful locations and also allow tourist to watch their cultural dances. The tribe is naked and tourist and their spouse will need to be naked. tourist can handover the clothes to touristr allotted guides and they will ensure it is returned at the time of tourist return to the boat.But always prefer to keep a pair of at least an underwear, bra or panty with the boatman who brought tourist.For in case tourist lose touristr clothes, Philippines is liberal enough to enter in just underwear.

Here tourist will be carried in a wooden chair by two people alternatively. The remaining eight will be always running around tourist. The land is muddy and marshy , so better sit in touristr chair and in case the wood of the chair is too hard,for touristr naked bums, then tourist always have alternative provided tourist retain some gold ring on touristr fingers. Point touristr bums and show them with facial expression so that they understand it aches and they too are aware of it. ask tourist for a ring and as soon as tourist give it, they  They will  arrange a cushioning that may surprise tourist. Some acts like lap sitting are done by these people in very easy going way when they have no clean place for all to sit on floor..But these people may not look clean for a tourist and its advisable not to have any physical contact. Couples who are carried on two different chairs can also request for being carried together in one chair on all days of the trip..This too will require shedding a gold ring.. But for couples its worth because here tourist can sit naked face to face while being carried. The tribe welcome couples more than singles as they have a feeling of security. Couples can have fun sitting on the same chair and be indifferent to those accompanying.

Tourist will see that while tourist are carried around the island there will always be families including men, women and children who come running to see tourist and will follow tourist until the next set of families come . But they are harmless and will not touch tourist, as they are bound to get beaten by touristr ten caretakers in case they touch tourist even in a friendly. way. These people see tourist as a different animal. In each location touristr chair will be placed down and a caretaker guide will explain tourist the significance of the location with hand signals and in their language. tourist will not understand anything but just get down from the chair and stand erect and keep smiling as if tourist are understanding everything the guide says.. In case tourist need to urinate, just enjoy doing it while the guide stands in front and explains a tree or a beautiful scenery. Female tourists who want to enjoy the fun of standing and pissing innocently when observed and surrounded by several families and caretakers who are standing very close to tourist, can do it here. Just pass urine standing naturally while looking and hearing to the guide who stands in front and explains a location. The people and caretakers who are seeing this will be talking in between themselves, but tourist can just be indifferent and natural because they are a different animal to locals. Why we suggest this to females is because men in several parts of the world can be seen urinating irrespective of the passerby and most of tourist who come from south asia may have seen this; but women can do it only in such locations.

The food is arranged at different places each day and those who eat seafood or pork will have no difficulty here. Occasionally chicken is also served Preferably use touristr own water bottles that tourist brought in the boat. Tourists can bring in dozen or two dozen water bottles if they wish. tourist need not have to carry it wherever tourist go, the allotted caretakers will carry it for tourist. They are several in number so it will not be an issue. These people have only wooden roughly carved chairs and stone cut chairs for sitting. This too are limited to few sight seeing or dining locations. If tourist feel the seating uncomfortable for their soft city bums, then the caretakers will make it soft for the tourist to sit, provided the tourist is willing to accept the way they make the seating soft. The people here are very submissive and smaller in size. The tribe sleeps in huts but tourists are given low height tree house. 

Toilets are done  sitting on  rocks towards the sea and hence washed away. However this is not a rule for tourists and excreting is considered as natural act and a tourist here is only a weekly phenomenon.Therefore tourist can do  toilets wherever or whenever tourist wish, those who are used to only western style latrines  may also do it in a particular way that you will feel more enjoyable because the caretakers are very obedient. But we will not mention it here as that does not look appropriate to us. Tourists may notice  caretakers sitting on muddy land to take rest when the tourist’s chair is placed down to be shown places,  But something odd you will find is that while some of them sit on ground, some others friendly and in a cool way sit on their shoulders. While this may seem odd to you, it’s very much friendly and acceptable to them so the tourist just needs to be bold and can get a western style toilet for sitting..When tourist are carried around locations for sightseeing, tourist will notice many tribal men,women and children staring and some come running towards tourist to have a closer glimpse. touristr accompanying caretaker team of ten will take care just be relaxed and enjoy the way tourist like. While fun with locals are not allowed, fun with own partner needs no privacy here, and tourist can have it full even when families are watching or stare from very close. In short just be indifferent here because they consider tourist different.

We strictly advise tourists, not to go on any tour just based on the stories submitted by people

Visit to any location should only be done after verifying the location on multiple websites and its fairness and transparency.  The stories submitted by people are un verified, or  are loosely organized tours or may be in a lawless place and hence  risky.  

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