The great Indian Honeymoon Locations

Marriage is a big celebration in India

India has a very nice culture which is neither too reserved nor too liberal.  The Indian society accepts newly married couples to have a fun tour for enjoying each other. And this family accepted tour is called the Great Indian Honeymoon. The difference here is that unlike western people, it was mostly a once in life trip for the majority of Indian couples. The simple reason is that they mostly marry only once, unlike the westerners. There are hundreds of places in India that encourage honeymoon couples and allow them to have the fun they wish in a way that is balanced and acceptable to the culture and morality of the place and at the same time allows them to be romantic. Most of the attractive honeymoon locations we mention are in the west or south except for Shimla in the north India. The reason is that in our opinion,the states in the south and west of India are more acceptable in watching a couple having a little bit of pda or wearing a smaller dress that is within the permissible laws in India , and hence they will not be stared, stalked or teased in these locations. We bring you a list of the most sexy Indian honeymoon locations.

The Great Indian Honeymoon Locations


Mahabaleshwar near Pune in Maharashtra is not just a scenic location on the western Ghats. This is a very big hill station with hundreds of hotels and several adventurous activities. The people are friendly and very cultural. The activities include boat ride, trekking, waterfall, horse ride, temple visit, para gliding and many more. It is a family friendly place, but most of the visitors are couples on honeymoon tours. Moderately decent dressing is required. But knee length skirts and shorts may also be fine. This is no one of the popular Indian honeymoon locations for young couples with food honeymoon ideas.


Kumarakom is a health resorts and honeymoon location in Kerala. The back waters are very scenic and due to the neighboring rainforest, the climate and atmosphere is very healthy. The major activity here is massages and boating. The culture is very relaxed and tourist friendly. The place will suit well for honeymoon couples as people are very friendly and encourage honeymoon couples.  The health massages should not be skipped as they one of the best thing this place. Prefer an ayurvedic resort if possible.


Shimla and Manali are among the few snow clad destinations in India. This is was the most popular honeymoon destination in India until Kerala and Goa came up with a little more spicy and liberal destinations. But still being a rare snow clad and deep winter hill location in India, it is still leading in its own way. There are most activities like trekking, river rafting, paragliding, cycling etc. The location is good to visit in medium winter. The natural beauty of the location is so much that it can simply make couples romantic.


The Houseboats in Alleppy are very unique. These are mostly traditional wooden boats modified to add a bedroom or two and a kitchen. Houseboat tours are available in many parts of Kerala. The tours are through backwaters and lush green villages. Couples have full privacy in their bedroom . The windows which are facing the water can be kept open from your bedroom and in most cases the design is such that the staff in the boat will not be able to view the bedroom from the open windows and you can have fun with your spouse in peace.. Be relaxed , Kerala welcomes honeymoon couples and the state is among the safest and most socially advanced in India.


Goa is the undisputed party capital of India. We did not mention it first, because that is just not necessary for this state. This is the state in India where even Indian girls can be seen freely wearing the western bikini. The state is known for tourism and beautiful beaches across the world. Indian honeymoon couple can freely wear a bikini without being stared at or disturbed in most of the beaches of Goa. Here the beach shack owners and locals f are all friendly. Goa may be the only Indian state where local Indian girls can wear the minimum dress required as per  India's law and still be cool. The state welcomes good tourists and allows them to enjoy while it punishes eve teasers.


Ooty like Shimla has been the first comers to the category of tourists called honeymoon travelers. The difference is that this place is in the south, while Shimla is in the north. Ooty may not have gone down but like we mentioned earlier, it has lost the competitiveness in honeymoon tourism to Kerala and Goa which are more aggressive and liberal. Ooty has beautiful natural scenery which can make couples romantic without any other requirement. It is a well developed hill station with lot of hotels, neat pavements and comparatively easy to access. The nearest city is Coimbatore, but you can even get a taxi from Bangalore.

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