Best rides and parks for Females And Couples

Elephant ride in Bikini

Indian girl riding on an elephant

It is common for females to get an elephant ride wearing just bikini in Thailand. The elephants are then taken into water for bath with the female tourist still sitting on it.

Ostrich ride in Vietnam

Indian girl riding on an ostrich

Tourists can go for an Ostrich ride in Vietnam and Africa. This is very popular with tourists in Vietnam.This will be an excellent entertainment for single female travellers.

Bikini or Nude horse ride

Indian girl riding a horse on beach

In most Caribbean countries riding horse on in tiny bikini is common. A nude horse ride will thrill you more than any ordinary animal rides, water parks or elephant ride.  You can even ride wearing a bikini in non beach areas since bikini is the dress worn by tourists even on the streets in some of these places. 

Historical places in Egypt

Girls riding horse to  vaishnodevi temple

Riding on a donkey is the common way for sight seeing historical monuments in Egypt.

Riding a water Buffalo

Girls in Indian village

Water buffalo rides for tourists are available in several places in Vietnam. Females are scantily dressed if  the tourist want the buffalo to be taken to water with them on top.

Theme Rides in Nude

Best theme rides and water parks for girls

 Many theme parks  allow men, women and children together to be nude on all rides in the park.. But most of them are inside clothing optional resorts. One  adults only large independent theme park and water slide is the Erotikaland in Brazil.  Here it is permitted by the local Government  to play around and have entertainments exposing all you have. In our opinion this is the best nude park in the world.

Theme rides where you need to wear at least a tiny bikini

Indoor Water Park Krausnick in Germany

Water parks in India

World's Largest Indoor Water Park Krausnick in Germany. Being a predominantly winter nation they may have built this indoor park. But it is bigger than many outdoor theme parks that you may have seen. Germany is a liberal so wear as tiny bikini as you wish. But at least ensure the g area is covered as this is not clothing optional place.

Aquafan in Italy

Water parks in India

Aquafan This is another water park. It is located near Riccione and is the largest in Italy. The main highlight of Aquafan is the only extreme river in Europe, where the speed of descent is more than 70 km.The water park is built in the form of a small village and is located in the Riccione area in the beach area. Here you can not only ride on numerous water slides and swim in heated pools, but also practice sports under the guidance of experienced instructors. The infrastructure of the water park includes bars, restaurants, private indoor beach, 

Water city theme park in Greece

Water parks in India

  Watercity is an aquatic park in the area of Anopolis, between Hersonissos and Heraklion on Crete, Greece. It has 34 water games in 80,000 square meters.  Here female tourists  can go all around the large water park and surroundings wearing the  smallest bikini available with them. It is fine to expose bums. but at least wear a string between the two. Just enjoy the freedom. Have a look at their own website

Slide & Splash in Portugal

Indian Honeymoon locations

 This is one of the largest attractions of its kind in Europe.The main rides are all cleverly positioned together on a rise so you can splash  down in one pool and start queuing for the next flume straight away.The park also has a few handy bonuses you don’t always find in waterparks. 

zakynthos slide in greece

Water parks in India

 k Water Village, one of the biggest is situated on the southeast part of the island. The Park stands on a piece of land occupying 40.000 sqm just 4km from town, in the village of Sarakinado. The culture here accepts ladies wearing tiny bikinis.  Greece being comparatively cheaperhas become an attractive destination for Indian honeymoon couples.

Aqualandia in Spain

Water parks in India


It is a stone’s throw from the popular tourist resort of Benidorm on Spain’s Costa Blanca. From sunbathing areas and swimming pools to water slides and river rapids, the park has a range of attractions for all ages.  Spain is too liberal in clothing, so do not worry about the size of your bikini.

visit Ancient Heritage sites riding on a poor donkey

Donkey ride at St. George monastery Judean Desert

Girl riding horse in India

 The most common tour is 30 minutes ride along Wadi Kelt Cllifs, 2 hours tour is going down and visit the monastery and 4 hour tour is from Ein Kelt walk to the monastery and full day tour is from Ein Mabua spring. Females can wear shorts or skirts. The above image is indicative and not actual. But the content is true.

Santorin and Thira in Greece

Girl riding horse in India

 This is a popular trip in Greece one of the countries in the developed world of Europe.. Some newspapers have reported donkey abuse here but this ride is legal , very popular with tourists and continues. Here majority ladies are very heavy and wear skimpiest clothes while riding on donkeys.  The above image is indicative and not actual. But the content is true. Check google for more details and news articles on this.

Valley of Kings Egypt

Girl riding horse in India

The  Egyptian pyramids and historical sights are among the most visited historical monuments. Here even oversized ladies need not be embarrassed in sitting on donkeys that climb even the long stairs with tourist on its back. Here  its  is egal and very popular. The above image is indicative and not actual. But the content is true. Check google for more details.

Camel ride in Egypt

Egyptian historical sites can also be seen by having a camel ride.